Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bar Review version 9.15: Ping to Your Pong

We’ve been going a bit strong these past few weeks here at Bar Review. My doctor, WebMD, says it stops being “casual drinking” when it is a daily occurrence and borders on “alcoholism.” Whatever, prove it. But while I love a fratastic hot mess of a weekend as much as the next guy, we are law students dammit. We have these “responsibilities” and “reputations” to uphold and I guess stumbling down AdMo and fist pumping in Dupont issupposed to be an “occasional” instead of daily occurrence. Once again, whatever, prove it. In any case, BRHQ has decided to take it a bit easier this week. That is why this time around the IP Brief is hosting at Comet Ping Pong in Van Ness.

Now before the grumblings about how far it is and all that start, hear us out. I have compiled a list of reasons why we are having it at Comet. 1) These last few weeks have been full of repetition. The fire alarm going off again (that was sooooo first week) and then there was that giant ass rainstorm (way to copy the hurricane). BUT Bar Review has never been held at Comet, so repetition no more. Well, I don’t really know that it hasn't I just like to make bold statements without any credible evidence. It is what I do. 2) The members of IP Brief are musically inclined and have decided to serenade us drunken revelers at some point during the evening with live music. I am putting out my request for a cover of Ke$ha now. Make it happen IP Brief. And 3) drunk ping-pong. That needs no explanation.

So come, drink, ping your pong.

Your Bar Review Committee

Comet Ping Pong
5037 Connecticut Ave. NW

$4 Lost Rhino Pilsner
$5 Rail Drinks

Friday, September 9, 2011

Inter-School Happy Hour!

Welcome Back DC & NoVA Colleagues! School is back in session, but that does not mean that the fun has to end!

Please join your fellow law students from DC and NovA for a drink at Barcode on Friday, September 9th, from 3-7 p.m. Whether you want to network, meet new people, or maybe just socialize with the same people, come get your drink on with the rest of us law students as we start this year off right! The event is open to all law students in the area and your friends! So please spread the word to your colleagues!

Check out this Drink Special: Half off beer, wine, and rail drinks!

Cocktail/Business Attire suggested. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bar Review version 9.9: Lawschoolapalooza

Think back, my lovely WCLers, to the glorious day you made your LSAC account. What a good decision that was. God, we are so smart, I mean we are going to be lawyers so that is just a given. From that decision came crippling rejections, ten-pound casebooks, bad job prospects, and legal rhetoric. Did I say good decision? I meant great decision. I mean, yeah, the economy is kind of not spectac. I don’t really understand that thoughbecause numbers and math and reality were never my thing. Maybe I will get a drink with someone from the business school and they can explain to me what a “subprime mortgage” is. It has prime in it so I am thinking it is good? We live in DC though, so bad decisions are kind of our thing. And even though we were all making some pretty bad choices back then, so were a lot of other people. Lets go meet them. This Thursday, at Bar Review.

There is about to be a whole lot of type-A, overachieving, douchebaggery going down this week because it’s the All-DC Law School Bar Review! GW, GTown, and George Mason will be joining us at EDEN so come show them that WCL is more than just a safety school, it is a drunken safety school.

Because this should be a most entertaining experience for all, I have devised a drinking game for all of WCL to play throughout the evening.

Every time you see someone who used to go to WCL but transferred (get ready to be wasted) take 1 drink.

Every time a collar is popped or sperry's are rocked (here’s looking at you GTown) take 2 drinks.

Whenever someone mentions his or her LSAT score take a shot.

Whenever someone from WCL mentions his or her love of human rights/peace, love, and glitter take 3 drinks.

Whenever you hear a 1L talking about any of the Supreme Court Justices/Constitutional issues and sounding like a jackass (second part of that sentence is most likely redundant, I know) take 5 drinks.

Whenever you see someone from George Mason rocking a Rick Perry campaign button take 1 drink and smack an Obama 2012 sticker on his back, and don’t act like you all don’t have a stack on hand at all times, this is WCL.

Lastly, whenever you see someone try to network while drunk (puke stained business cards are sure to land you that sweet position this summer) take 3 drinks.

This is going to be fun.

Your Bar Review Committee

$4 Miller Light
$5 Vodka & Cranberry

1716 I (Eye) Street NW

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bar Review version 8.25: Earthquakepocalypse

Thank God you’re all alive. We here in DC looked death in the eyes today. Not since Jcrew ended their summer sale has the District seen such horror. Country songs asking where you were during the earthquake will be written, memorials in honor of the fallen books erected, children will read our fearless Facebook updates and Twitter tweets to learn of our collective strength and sacrifice. We are survivors but now we must rebuild. I know it is tough, it might take seconds, maybe even minutes, to straighten out your picture frames, to upright that tipped water bottle, and to put your coffee table magazines back in order. That is why the Bar Review Committee is here for you all in these days of despair. We know your pain, and we know how to fix it. That’s right . . . the FIRST BAR REVIEW OF THE YEAR. And yes, for those who don’t know, it requires all caps just as much as all our mother’s think their Facebook comments do.

Alas, with the first Bar Review comes the first week of school. Summer comes to a tragic end. Smiles fade, and frown lines take shape. For those of us who are 2, 3, and 4 (I’m so very sorry) Ls we return to WCL and greet our friends, exhale loudly in annoyance when our trusty and well known gunner pals stretch their rusty arms and thrust them high into the air, and practice our fake smiles when we find out that someone had a paid internship or a summer associate position. I worked in a cubicle for free; this half assed fake “congrats” is all you’re getting you fucking overachiever.

The wonderful new batch of 1Ls descend upon an unsuspecting Pence law library, highlighters in hand, ready to make a San Francisco pride parade out of their torts books. And lastly, classes resume, making our lives the living hell that we have grown to know, tolerate, and pay a shit ton of money for. So come, imbibe, be merry. Bar Review is here for you, every week, like one of those State Farm insurance commercials with less singing and car wrecks and more vodka. Much more vodka. This week the Asian Pacific Law Student Association (APALSA) and the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) are co-hosting at Public Dupont and $3 gets you a wristband for some great drink specials. Come drink and honor the diversity that makes WCL so great.

$3 Domestic
$4 Imported
$5 Rail
$4 Svedka & Flavor drinks
$3 Mini Kamikazes

Public Dupont
1214 18th Street

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Year, New Bars, New Hangovers

The Bar Review Committee at WCL is that shining beacon of hope in a somber world of case books, highlighters, and Saturday night shuttle rides to Pence. Every Thursday we plan an event that brings together the best coupling in the world: law students and alcohol. In addition to our weekly invites on Facebook, this year BRHQ has expanded into the blogosphere in order to better serve you -- the sober students of WCL.

Invites will be posted on FB and on here every week, and, we also hope to utilize this site as a tool for advertising WCL related social events. Therefore, we ask any group, student, etc. that is interested in advertising their event to contact with the information and we will post it to this site.

Before we kick off the year, and so you know who is sending you all these invites to events and encouraging your inebriation on a weekly basis, introductions are in order.

The 2011-2012 Bar Review Committee is currently made up of Colten and Lauren. We know, we know, two people don't really make a committee... more of a duo, a pair, partners in debauchery if you will, but don't fret we hope to expand with the new year.

Colten is a 2L from the great state of California who enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, ponies, and vodka. He also has a seething hatred of rain, CREAC, sobriety, and Kristen Stewart.

Lauren is also a 2L and hails from the majestic eden that is otherwise known as Cleveland. She likes Lisa Frank stickers, rainbows, and throwing back whiskey shots while retaining her ladylike charm and beaming smile.

Both Colten and Lauren can be seen most weekends stumbling around Dupont, AdMo, and U Street being awesome. And, of course, every Thursday at Bar Review.

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