Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Year, New Bars, New Hangovers

The Bar Review Committee at WCL is that shining beacon of hope in a somber world of case books, highlighters, and Saturday night shuttle rides to Pence. Every Thursday we plan an event that brings together the best coupling in the world: law students and alcohol. In addition to our weekly invites on Facebook, this year BRHQ has expanded into the blogosphere in order to better serve you -- the sober students of WCL.

Invites will be posted on FB and on here every week, and, we also hope to utilize this site as a tool for advertising WCL related social events. Therefore, we ask any group, student, etc. that is interested in advertising their event to contact with the information and we will post it to this site.

Before we kick off the year, and so you know who is sending you all these invites to events and encouraging your inebriation on a weekly basis, introductions are in order.

The 2011-2012 Bar Review Committee is currently made up of Colten and Lauren. We know, we know, two people don't really make a committee... more of a duo, a pair, partners in debauchery if you will, but don't fret we hope to expand with the new year.

Colten is a 2L from the great state of California who enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, ponies, and vodka. He also has a seething hatred of rain, CREAC, sobriety, and Kristen Stewart.

Lauren is also a 2L and hails from the majestic eden that is otherwise known as Cleveland. She likes Lisa Frank stickers, rainbows, and throwing back whiskey shots while retaining her ladylike charm and beaming smile.

Both Colten and Lauren can be seen most weekends stumbling around Dupont, AdMo, and U Street being awesome. And, of course, every Thursday at Bar Review.

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