Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bar Review version 9.15: Ping to Your Pong

We’ve been going a bit strong these past few weeks here at Bar Review. My doctor, WebMD, says it stops being “casual drinking” when it is a daily occurrence and borders on “alcoholism.” Whatever, prove it. But while I love a fratastic hot mess of a weekend as much as the next guy, we are law students dammit. We have these “responsibilities” and “reputations” to uphold and I guess stumbling down AdMo and fist pumping in Dupont issupposed to be an “occasional” instead of daily occurrence. Once again, whatever, prove it. In any case, BRHQ has decided to take it a bit easier this week. That is why this time around the IP Brief is hosting at Comet Ping Pong in Van Ness.

Now before the grumblings about how far it is and all that start, hear us out. I have compiled a list of reasons why we are having it at Comet. 1) These last few weeks have been full of repetition. The fire alarm going off again (that was sooooo first week) and then there was that giant ass rainstorm (way to copy the hurricane). BUT Bar Review has never been held at Comet, so repetition no more. Well, I don’t really know that it hasn't I just like to make bold statements without any credible evidence. It is what I do. 2) The members of IP Brief are musically inclined and have decided to serenade us drunken revelers at some point during the evening with live music. I am putting out my request for a cover of Ke$ha now. Make it happen IP Brief. And 3) drunk ping-pong. That needs no explanation.

So come, drink, ping your pong.

Your Bar Review Committee

Comet Ping Pong
5037 Connecticut Ave. NW

$4 Lost Rhino Pilsner
$5 Rail Drinks

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