Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bar Review version 9.9: Lawschoolapalooza

Think back, my lovely WCLers, to the glorious day you made your LSAC account. What a good decision that was. God, we are so smart, I mean we are going to be lawyers so that is just a given. From that decision came crippling rejections, ten-pound casebooks, bad job prospects, and legal rhetoric. Did I say good decision? I meant great decision. I mean, yeah, the economy is kind of not spectac. I don’t really understand that thoughbecause numbers and math and reality were never my thing. Maybe I will get a drink with someone from the business school and they can explain to me what a “subprime mortgage” is. It has prime in it so I am thinking it is good? We live in DC though, so bad decisions are kind of our thing. And even though we were all making some pretty bad choices back then, so were a lot of other people. Lets go meet them. This Thursday, at Bar Review.

There is about to be a whole lot of type-A, overachieving, douchebaggery going down this week because it’s the All-DC Law School Bar Review! GW, GTown, and George Mason will be joining us at EDEN so come show them that WCL is more than just a safety school, it is a drunken safety school.

Because this should be a most entertaining experience for all, I have devised a drinking game for all of WCL to play throughout the evening.

Every time you see someone who used to go to WCL but transferred (get ready to be wasted) take 1 drink.

Every time a collar is popped or sperry's are rocked (here’s looking at you GTown) take 2 drinks.

Whenever someone mentions his or her LSAT score take a shot.

Whenever someone from WCL mentions his or her love of human rights/peace, love, and glitter take 3 drinks.

Whenever you hear a 1L talking about any of the Supreme Court Justices/Constitutional issues and sounding like a jackass (second part of that sentence is most likely redundant, I know) take 5 drinks.

Whenever you see someone from George Mason rocking a Rick Perry campaign button take 1 drink and smack an Obama 2012 sticker on his back, and don’t act like you all don’t have a stack on hand at all times, this is WCL.

Lastly, whenever you see someone try to network while drunk (puke stained business cards are sure to land you that sweet position this summer) take 3 drinks.

This is going to be fun.

Your Bar Review Committee

$4 Miller Light
$5 Vodka & Cranberry

1716 I (Eye) Street NW

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